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As we continue to develop and deploy laser weapons to the Fleet with the inherent advantages of directed energy.A capability such as this allows us to stay in front of high energy laser weapon lethality testing and modeling and simulation to support the current and growing number of Navy laser weapon programs.

Htpow will add a second X-ray laser beam, further increasing the facility's capacity.( hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed.Lasers can paradoxically cause increased hair growth on the face in certain women.If a laser strikes a cockpit, it can temporarily blind the pilot.

This diamond is also capable of merging the strengths of the different lasers and getting them to add up to an even more powerful super laser.In this case, the energy source was intense ultraviolet light from an inorganic laser.Thermal degradation caused by heating of the lasers during operation was reduced by building the devices on a crystalline silicon wafer.

Using these simple devices in conjunction with inorganic laser pen is promising for more easily achieving colors that are difficult to produce using common lasers.The company is very pleased that it's laser is being used by top celebrity plastic surgeons.They were first used for storage ring light sources and are now in use for free-electron lasers.

A single frame will have several encoded laser pen beams inside the image.Unlike the inorganic lasers commonly found in CD drives and laser pointers, organic thin-film lasers use a thin layer of organic molecules as the laser medium.To build up in the organic laser medium during operation, they found an organic laser medium that absorb a different color of light than that emitted by the laser.



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 Eligible applicant should: (
a).Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth. (
b).Be of good character.
 (c). Be not less than 18 years of age and not more than 25 years for Non-tradesmen and not more than 27 years for Tradesmen and HND/Diploma Holders.
. (
d). Be medically fit by Ghana Armed Forces standards.
 (e). Be not bonded. (
f). Be not married. (
g). Be of minimum height of 1.68m (5’6’’) for males and 1.57m (5’ 2") for females. For Military Police only; the minimum height for male applicants should be 1.75m (5’9”), and *1.70m (5’ 7”) for females..

 contact MR David... Whatsapp or Call 0540200391 for more details and for assistance in registration

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