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i know about it but i want to know more.

am doing my research on it now.
A nice scheme yo all need to check out

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There is a saying that information is power. I do agree with this as your level of success in life will be determined by how informed you are most especially in this computer age.


MMM is the largest DONATION EXCHANGE NETWORK worldwide.

Registration is free.

As a member or participant you are required to make pledge to PROVIDE FINANCIAL HELP to another member.

From the day you made that pledge to Provide Help, your Mavro (Virtual Money) begins to grow by 1% per day. That is 15% in 15days and 30% in 30days. and you will only provide help after two weeks you pledge. that means in another two weeks time  it will be up to 30 Days(and you will get 30%). and for first FINANCIAL HELP u, you will be given 20 dollars which would be converted to cedis


For instance,

If you PROVIDE HELP of 1,000 Cedis u qualify to GET HELP of 1,300 Cedis plus other bonuses within that month.

If you PROVIDE HELP of 10,000 Cedis u qualify to GET HELP of 13,000 Cedis plus other bonuses within that month.


and after you actually pay your pledge you can pledge back for help at anytime and you will get back your money with the amount that accumulated. how long your money stays determine how much you will get.


MMM is  a very interesting PONZI SCHEME. Recently just some few months ago I Was in Nigeria and i was stunned by the amount of people involve in it. About 1.6 million people already and still counting. When i got the information it is coming to Ghana, i took my time to study and learn about it. My friends and cousins in Nigeria enlighten me on how the MMM work and the amount one will make.


My little Cousin in Nigeria Just got a phone and a Laptop from this money. Intimidated by all this, i decided to do a little research on the Ponzi Scheme. And my findings had lead me to know so many things and the bitter truth is


MMM will crash-out one day (its better to tell you the Basic truth). the time it takes to crash is a little debate that Goes on in Nigeria, But the conclusion i always hear people say is that in as much as more people are still registering it will not collapse(crash-out). Yet MMM had been in Some Countries( in fact so many countries) like South Africa since August 2015. in Nigeria for like 9month and definitely i would say if one can Tap (early) into this Ghana MMM that is just starting , at least in the next 8 month one would have made more than enough. imagine if one could invest his money and Get 30% for one month and invest more Every month. for one year one would have made so much money.


You can visit mmm-Nigeria website and see the testimonies and amount of members. you can also search MMM Nigeria testimonies on YouTube. and you will be stunned too.


I realize that the site owners would not even collect anything from members. The money would be transferred from member to member account.


I am definitely putting my money in this scheme. life is a risk and this to me is a very good calculated risk. Being the fact that MMM is just starting here in Ghana, i am 100% sure it cannot crash now. All ill do is make little money and invest in my long time dream business.



There are some few rules that make the scheme secure and i have learn about them. i have learn about the few better ways one would make money faster from MMM  too.


if you want to scale through this economy recession period easily I'll advise you to register ASAP on MMM


 if you are willing, I can guide and help you, YOUR BIGGEST EXPECTATION SHOULD BE SUCCESS. Ride along with me and once you register i can add you to my whatsapp group and guide you how to make it easily.


Together we can make the money to invest in our businesses and make a better tomorrow. Let’s make it happen.


Register through me put my email in the referral link and i will automatically have your number, add you to a group where we discuss how to be better and how to make more money or mail me and ill send u my whatsapp number immediately

u can get my mail through my profile

or mail me at

and register through
MMM is a very good money making program. i keep saying that  the early starters of mmm would make more money because its 100% sure it cannot collapse(its just starting) you can start with as low as 3$(convert it to ghana cedis). its authenticity is 100%.  life is a risk and the risk we never took leads to regret.
Tips For MMM Beginners
To Register goto
Click on registration. Put your name, email , phone number, password and other relevant information
In the invite put
Agree to the terms and sign up. Once this is completed you’ll get a response that registration is successful.
Now click on log in, fill the security code that show, Enter your email and password to login
When you are logged in go to account and add your account details (This is the account details you would be paid with). And when this is completed, Click on dashboard
Now on the dashboard you’ll see two box, which are PROVIDE HELP and GET HELP so you’ll click on PROVIDE HELP.
Then click other bank put in the amount you want to provide help of and also make sure you put the same amount in your mavro. Then thick on the checkbox of 20$, 50$ or 100$(note the description below this checkbox). By providing help of 50$ and above you will be given 20 dollar which would later be converted to Ghana Cedis
And click on next
Once the provide help is done you will get a response that it would be processed.
You will be matched to pay someone possibly after two weeks’ time,
The best part is that while you have not paid the money, your mavro keep increasing by 1% per-day immediately u pledge to provide the help and after you have been matched with someone you can request to get help anytime you can wait and let the mavro grow more and get more help or decide to collect your money as soon as you want.
You can click on your mavro, and click on available for withdrawal to see the amount you can get help of at that time
When you are ready to get the money out, click on get help and put the amount you want to get help of (collect) and within 24 hours you will be matched with someone who will pay this money into the account you added within 48hrs.
Note there are some rules in this scheme. One of them is you should not change your account detail after. If you do so it will take you 14days to be able to get help. And some other small rules to protect the scheme from scammers.
Mail me at, if you have any question ill answer you ASAP. Once you mail me I can send my number to you.

life is a risk and the risk we never took leads to regret.
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If you have any question about GHANA MMM pls ask me. Anything at all you are not clear of.

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