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The University have students from all over Africa which includes countries including



Ivory Coast


Angola etc

A programme of study is a discipline area consisting of a conglomeration of courses that have been carefully selected and organized so as to enable a student achieve a pre-determined level of competence in such a discipline area/subject.All Nations University College offers the following programmes:

  •     Bachelor of Engineering (Oil and Gas )
  •     Electronics & Communications Engineering
  •     Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical )
  •     Bsc. (Hons) Computer Science
  •     Bachelor of Engineering (Computer )
  •     Biblical Studies with Business Administration
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration in Human resource management
  •     Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance
  •     Bsc General Nursing (Joint Top up Programme with KNUST)

Diploma Programmes:

Diploma in Biblical Studies with Business Administration

Future Programmes:

The University is submitting the following programmes for accreditation:

  •     Economics
  •     Civil Engineering
  •     Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  •     Environmental Engineering

INTERESTED PERSONS SHOULD CONTACT 0244972074/0265754865/0549593966


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Admission Requirements

The National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) Ghana directives guide the Admissions Policy for school candidates. All applications to the University College must be accompanied by original transcripts from previous institutions or examination bodies.

Awarding institutions must be accredited and recognized by the National Accreditation Board.

Admission requirement
 1. WASSCE / SSSCE Applicants:   An applicant for admission to a degree programme in the University College must have aggregate 24 or better,with at least credits in Mathematics, English Language, and one of Integrated Science or Social Studies (for non   Science and Engineering Programmes, Social Studies may be accepted in lieu of Integrated Science), plus three elective subjects, or their equivalent relevant to the chosen programme.   Candidates with aggregates higher than 24 will NOT be admitted for degree programmes. Such applicants may apply to attend the University College's Pre-University Programme.2. GBCE (General business Certificate Examination)    Business Administration candidates must have passes in three core subjects including English and Mathematics, and passes in three elective subjects.3. Advanced Level Applicants    Applicants must have at least five passes at  Level, including English and Mathematics or equivalent, plus at least two passes at the advanced Level.4. ABCE (Advanced business Certificate Examination)    Applicants must have passes in three core subjects plus at least two electives relevant to the programme of study.5. Specific Engineering Requirements this applies to all Engineering Programmes:    Applicants for Engineering must have passes in Physics and Chemistry.

    For biomedical Engineering, biology may be accepted instead of Chemistry

    Applicants with passes in Elective Mathematics will be preferred

    Applicants who do not have Elective Mathematics must take the Mathematics Foundations programme in lieu of Elective Mathematics.

Pls am general art student with c6 in English  , d7 in science , e8 in maths, c4 in social studies, c4 in geography, c5 in economics and c5 in government. Pls can i get admission and what will be the best course i can offer in the university.
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6. Specific Computer Science (Honours) Requirements:

    Applicants for the Computer Science (Honours) programme must have at least a pass in Physics.

    Applicants with passes in Elective Mathematics will be preferred

    Applicants who do not have Elective Mathematics must take the Mathematics Foundations programme in lieu of Elective Mathematics.

7. HND: Applicants with Higher National Diploma or Equivalent:

    The HND must be in an area of study relevant to the proposed programme of study.

    Applicants with First (1st) Class must have at least 1 (one) year of relevant work experience. Successful applicants will be admitted into Level 300.

    Applicants with Second (2nd) Class Honors (Upper or Lower Divisions), must have at least 1 (one) year of relevant work experience. Successful applicants will be admitted into level 200.

    Applicants with Third (3rd) Class or lower must have at least 3 years of relevant work experience. Successful applicants will be admitted into Level 100, subject to passing an entry examination / interview.8. Full Technological Course (FTC):    Applicants with FTC, HNC, or equivalent, must have at least 3 (three) years of relevant work experience. Successful applicants will be admitted to level 100.9. Applicants to Diploma or Certificate programmes:    Successful applicants to diploma or certificate programmes at the University must pass an internal Diploma Entrance Examination.10. Mature Applicants:    To qualify as a mature student, an applicant must be at least 25 years old by the date of admission. The mature applicant must also have relevant work experience and relevant education, and Credits in WASSCE / SSSCE English and Mathematics, and/or equivalent academic qualifications. Equivalent education includes but is not limited to Teachers Certificates and short-term diplomas from accredited institutions. Mature students may also be required to pass an internal mature Students Entrance Examination.

    Teachers' Certificate holders, who must pass the mature student examination, will be admitted into level 100.

11. Candidates on Transfer from an Accredited Tertiary Institution:

    The University College defines a transfer student as one who has been a registered student in another accredited/registered College or University and made satisfactory progress over one or more academic years in the discipline in which they intend to transfer. A transfer applicant must submit all official transcripts from all institutions attended to the office of Admissions.

Irrespective of the number of years spent in the previous University a transfer student may be admitted Into levels up to a maximum of Level 300. A transfer student must therefore spend a minimum of 2 calendar years at ANUC to be awarded the University College's degree.

12. In cases not outlined above, a candidate may be required to obtain an Equivalence Letter from the National Accreditation Board to assist the Admissions Board in its decisions.

13. Other combinations of credentials will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

14. The relevant academic departments will be consulted in order to determine credits accepted toward the chosen discipline.

15. Foundation Programmes:Notwithstanding the NCTE regulations, candidates with qualifying but high aggregates or weak entry qualifications may be admitted into Foundation Programmes, for the purpose of strengthening their skills base for the academic programme they wish to pursue. The major Foundation Programmes currently available at All Nations University College are: Engineering Foundations, business Foundations, Science Foundations, and biblical Foundations.
tanx please where is this university located and what is the cut off point for bba accounting and bsc accounting as well for wassce
call the number 0246458549 for more information
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